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We Listen. That’s the first step. We listen to your needs and problems and we figure out a way to solve them.

We Understand. That’s the second. We ask questions to understand how you work and/or play so that what we do is specifically fitted to your needs.

We Analyze. That’s third. We review and evaluate. We come back to you and ask even more questions.

We Design. That’s forth. We do sketches, many of them - it all has to make sense. We communicate with you and we look at the sketches together with you. Some you’ll love and some you’ll hate. Some we discard, some we keep. We finish the design. You are happy!

We Finalize. Fifth and last. We create drawings for a Permit and then we work with a Contractor to get things built. If there are questions in the field during construction, we clarify and/or we send a sketch (we love sketches). Everybody’s on the same page! And then we finish building.



TDA provides the following services:

- Architectural Design Services

- Interior Design

- Graphic Design

- Programming & Planning

- Consulting

- Owner's Representation

- Project Management

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